Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air

Earlier I blogged about my new MacBook Air. I am not a Mac fan and my sole reason for buying MacBook was to get a light weight laptop with decent performance. MacBook Air fit that perfectly and from what I read I had the option of installing Windows on it. It turned out to be a little complex than I thought it would be because of a small issue. I hope this quick guide will help you and avoid the issues I faced.

Things needed
1) Genuine Windows 7 CD
2) USB drive (4GB+ and another less than 4GB)

1) Copy the Windows 7 CD content as is to the 4GB+ USB drive
2) Format the smaller USB drive.
3) Make this drive bootable by following instructions on (
4) Connect the smaller drive to MacBook Air and restart
5) Boot from the USB drive. Once on the command prompt remove this drive and insert the large USD drive with Windows 7
6) Run setup.exe from the root folder
7) Rest will be following the Windows 7 setup

The problem I faced was in Step 3 when I tried using a 4GB+ drive for the bootable drive. That doesn’t work. Use a smaller drive and you should have no problems installing MacBook Air.

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