Advanced DNS Tool

Use this free online tool to get advanced DNS records for any domain or IP. If IP address is entered, a reverse DNS query is first triggered to fetch the associated domain name for that IP. Thereafter, DNS records are fetched for that domain.

By default, this tool uses local DNS server. You can specific any name server to query for DNS records.

What is Advanced DNS?

Domain Naming System (DNS) is a standard protocol by which human friendly domain names like are translated to machine friendly IP addresses like

What does Advanced DNS tool do?

Advanced DNS tool queries a DNS server to fetch records for a given Domain or IP. Unlike the regular DNS tool, here you can customize the type of query to run and various other options.

Which DNS server does this tool use?

The DNS server field is set to local DNS by default. It is a non-caching DNS server. You can change it to any DNS server you wish to use.

How does it work with IP addresses?

DNS works only with human friendly domain names like When a IP address is given, it does a reverse IP search to find the domain name registered with the IP and then queries records for that domain (if found).

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