HTTP Redirect Tool

Use this free online tool to check HTTP redirects (301/302) issued by a web server for any URL.

What is HTTP Redirect Tool?

HTTP Redirect Tool lists all redirects issued by a web server when fetching a URL.

How is it useful?

By checking the redirects we can know if the web server is configured properly and is responding properly to web requests. Less redirects also help in loading websites faster.

Do I have to specify full URL?

You can either specific full URL or just domain name. In case of domain name, HTTP protocol and port 80 will be assumed.

Does it work with HTTPS (SSL) protocol?

Yes, it will work with HTTPS (SSL) URLs. Ensure the correct protocol in the URL input box.

Will it work if server is set to respond on non-standard port (other than 80 or 443)?

Yes, you can specify the port number in the URL right after hostname (standard HTTP(S) format).

What kind of redirects does it follow?

This tool only follows HTTP redirects like 301 and 302. It does not follow Javascript or Meta header redirects.

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