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Slow bootup in MacBook Air, Windows & Bootcamp

After installing Windows 7/Bootcamp on my MacBook Air, it started taking a lot of time to boot up. After power up it would show the gray/white screen for about 45 seconds and then it would start the Windows load process. Other users have also faced

Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air

Earlier I blogged about my new MacBook Air. I am not a Mac fan and my sole reason for buying MacBook was to get a light weight laptop with decent performance. MacBook Air fit that perfectly and from what I read I had the option

Fast file copy in Windows – Robocopy

File copy in windows GUI is pretty slow. Under Windows XP it was almost unusable for large folders. Microsoft improved it with Windows XP SP 2 and then later with Windows Vista & 7. It is definitely better now in Windows 7 but I still

Filezilla to the rescue

Recently I had to ftp a lot of files to a dedicated server that I rented at iweb.com. I started by using the inbuilt ftp command in windows and soon realized it was not meant for large complex jobs. After looking at various options I

Fiddling with Fiddler

Fiddler is a very useful tool for capturing network traffic. I use to primarily to debug issues with web servers. It has a simple to use two pane interface. The left pane will list all requests and the right pane will show associated data for