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How to Download Hotstar Videos on PC, Android, and iOS [Updated]

It has been a few years since Hotstar was launched. It has been bringing amazing television series, movies and also, live sporting events to us. Star India had launched Hotstar. However, The Walt Disney Company recently acquired Star India. Subsequently, Hotstar has now been named

How to Enable Dark Mode/Light Theme in Chrome

The theme setting for Google Chrome is set to the operating system (OS) default. This means that if the system is set to Dark, then Google Chrome will use a dark theme. Similarly, if the system theme is light, then Google Chrome will use a

How To Fix Headphones When Only One Side Works

In today’s busy lifestyle patterns, many people rely on earbuds to escape from the outside world’s hustle and bustle. If accessing sound from your device through a set of earbuds or headphones is a part of your daily lifestyle, you must be aware of how

How To Fix “Server IP Address Could Not Be Found”

Technological glitches can be very annoying once they start hindering the flow of your work. Irrespective of how well managed you have kept everything, a slight error can ruin the process. “Server IP address could not be found” or “Site can’t be reached” is one

How To Use iMac As Monitor – Target Display Mode

The benefits of having an extra screen on hand when the current PC or laptop breaks down are evident for all. Sometimes screen sharing is merely done to have a better viewing experience on a device with high-quality pixels. While Apple’s iMac drove home the

How To Combine And Merge Two Word Documents

People who work mostly on MS Word frequently need to merge documents. They may need to merge multiple documents in a master document or merge multiple versions of the same document. The latter is a headache, especially if you collaborate with various people on the