About Us

1nine.com (1nine) was created to provide quality content and tools on technology that can help you improve your productivity and work smartly. We cover topics ranging operating system, mobile apps, networking, application software and development.

We have a team of experience content writers on technology and we also work with external content writer to create appealing and useful content for you.

How do we make money?

Of course, all of this requires time and money to create. We have a team of full-time and part-time employees who focus on creating quality content that meets your needs.

To fund our operations, we display advertising on the website as well as participate in various affiliate programs that pay us a commission when you purchase with them. Don’t worry! This participation does not increase the cost of the product for you. We are paid a commission from the share of profits generated by the merchant.

Our team makes a conscious effort to be unbiased while evaluating products and ensure our commissions do not impact our product selection or evaluation in any way that may be against your interests.

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