Spam Blacklist Check Tool

Use this free online tool to check if your mail server (domain or IP) is listed on spam lists or in other words – spam blacklisted.

This tool queries many sources and hence will take some time to run. Please be patient.

What is Spam Blacklist Check Tool?

Spam Blacklist Tool checks the given domain or IP against a comprehensive list of Spam Blacklist databases. It will list if the domain or IP is marked as a source of spam in the database.

What are these spam databases?

Spam databases are lists of domains or IP addresses known to be a source of spam. They are collected from various sources including ISPs, Email providers, Honey pot projects, Spam trap emails, etc

How good are these databases?

A lot of effort goes into building these databases and they catch a good percentage of spammer easily.

Can you help remove my domain or IP from spam databases?

No we can’t. This tool only allows you to check if the domain or IP is listed. We have no control over the databases. Please get in touch with them directly.

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