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Setting up IIS 7.5 and Apache on same server

Recently I was asked to set up IIS 7.5 and Apache on same server to run different applications – one on .NET and another of PHP. Initially, I considered running PHP on IIS but discarded this option since the client did not want to take

Changing domain IP address without modifying DNS

Sometimes it is required to change the domain-ip mapping of a domain without actually modifying the DNS records. I usually require this for sanity testing before moving applications to a new server. In such cases one option can be to use a secondary domain or

Scripting form post in C# & .net

Earlier I blogged about scripting web browsing in .NET and C#. While automating fetching of simple webpages using GET method is pretty simple, form posting and retrieving response can be even more challenging. I had a tough time getting form posting to work. But once

My experience running PHP on IIS 7.5

For a client I needed to set up OpenX on Windows/IIS platform. OpenX is written in PHP/MySql and hence I needed to make PHP work on IIS. After searching on the net, I found this article. After following the instructions given I was able to

Script to check available diskspace in C#/.net

Here is a script to check free diskspace in C#/.net. It uses WMI logicaldisk object to retrieve information on the system drives. .NET provides ManagementObject class to encapsulate the Windows WMI interface. Here is the sample code: ManagementObject Disk = new ManagementObject(“win32_logicaldisk.deviceid=”c:””); Disk.Get(); if (double.Parse(Disk[“FreeSpace”].ToString())

Getting your dynamic public IP in C# & .net

For one of my projects I required the dynamic public of my ISP connection. I blogged earlier about getting this through but in this case I needed it in my script. I wrote a quick script to scrape it of the same site. This

Dynamic DNS update from .C# and .net

I was setting up a local server at home and wanted it to be publicly accessible from a domain name. Unfortunately my ISP refuses to give a static IP and my only option was to use a dynamic DNS server. After checking some out I

Who is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a networking protocol that allows you to discover information about a domain. Following information can be obtained from a WHOIS server. 1) Owner information 2) Technical Contact 3) Administrator Contact 4) Registration date, expiry date, last renewal date 5) Registrar of domain WHOIS