Setting up IIS 7.5 and Apache on same server

Recently I was asked to set up IIS 7.5 and Apache on same server to run different applications – one on .NET and another of PHP. Initially, I considered running PHP on IIS but discarded this option since the client did not want to take the risk of trying out something new. They had run the app on Apache and wanted it that way.

Turns out running IIS and Apache together is a relatively easy task. The server will require atleast two IP addresses. One IP will be used by IIS and another by Apache.

By default, when IIS is installed it will listen on all IP addresses assigned to the server. To make this work, IIS needs to be configured to listen to only one address.
1. Open command prompt
2. Type “netsh”
3. Type “http”
4. Type “sho iplisten”
5. Type “add iplisten ipaddress= (replace by correct IP address)
6. Type “sho iplisten” – this will show the added IP address
7. Exit and restart IIS services

In the next step, we have to configure Apache to listen to the correct IP address
1. Open httpd.conf in Apache folder
2. Search for “Listen” and change to “Listen” (replace by correct IP address)
3. Save and restart Apache services

Open browser and navigate to both IP addresses and ensure the correct server is responding.

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