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Speed testing a website

While developing websites I come across the problem of testing page load times. With Google now bent on giving high priority to websites that are fast it has become even more important to test, debug and improve web page load times. There are two tools

RAID 1 vs RAID 5

Recently, I had to decide between RAID 1 and RAID 5 for a server deployment related to a mission critical application. This app had a considerable amount of writes compared to reads. While reading up on RAID I came across this good site ( Although

To RAID or not to RAID

I was setting up a server for one of my clients. This app is not mission critical, does not require high availability, is mostly non-critical analytics & reporting tool. My client wanted me to keep costs low while building the server, hence, was against setting

Buying vs renting

Do you have a dedicated server for your website/blog? Planning to get one? The one question you will face is whether to rent or buy one. I faced the same dilemma when I was about to setup my own dedicated server. After careful analysis and

Fiddling with Fiddler

Fiddler is a very useful tool for capturing network traffic. I use to primarily to debug issues with web servers. It has a simple to use two pane interface. The left pane will list all requests and the right pane will show associated data for

Mixing Assembly language with Visual Basic

This tutorial will help explain the basics & also the details needed if you want to mix assembly code with Visual Basic. This tutorial will not explain how to use assembly language. If you need to learn that, then you can find many tutorials and

Introduction to OpenCV

The easiest way to learn OpenCV is to buy & read the book “Learning OpenCV” from O’Reilly. Otherwise you can follow these instructions depending on your C/C++ compiler. This webpage explains how to setup OpenCV v2.1.0. There is a newer version of OpenCV available (v2.2.0), but it

Tbot: The Self-Balancing Transformer Robot

The Tbot project at IHMC was funded by the US Military (DARPA) to test different types of robot soldiers that could replace human US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, where large tanks are too bulky to fight in the inner city buildings. So the heads of DARPA

How to detect the color of a person’s shirt

The task of “Face Recognition”, where you want a computer to figure out who a person is from a photo of them, is a very difficult function to do well. But in some cases such as robotics, it may not be so important to figure