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How To Unhide Folders In Windows 10

There are many reasons as to why a folder may appear hidden in Windows 10. Are you looking for a specific folder to unhide? Are you merely trying to explore and unhide folders to get a better look at them? Either way, you’re in the

How To Delete Files & Folders Using The Windows Command Line (CMD)

Cmd.exe is the command-line interpreter for Windows operating system. By using the command prompt, one can navigate to any file located on the computer. As per the default Windows 7/8/10 installation, the command line will open the user’s home directory. This directory is usually “C:\Users\<username>”

Automatically clean browser history

As a web developer there are times when I have to clear browser history (including cookies) to test app behavior for a first time user. During development this can become painfully slow – open browser, open tools->options, open privacy tab and then delete history. The

Slow bootup in MacBook Air, Windows & Bootcamp

After installing Windows 7/Bootcamp on my MacBook Air, it started taking a lot of time to boot up. After power up it would show the gray/white screen for about 45 seconds and then it would start the Windows load process. Other users have also faced

Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air

Earlier I blogged about my new MacBook Air. I am not a Mac fan and my sole reason for buying MacBook was to get a light weight laptop with decent performance. MacBook Air fit that perfectly and from what I read I had the option

Whats my IP?

Have you ever wondered what your public IP is? Wait, what is a public IP? An IP address is a number sequence of the form Each 3 digit number sequence can be from 0 to 255. Valid examples are,, etc Every device