Changing domain IP address without modifying DNS

Sometimes it is required to change the domain-ip mapping of a domain without actually modifying the DNS records. I usually require this for sanity testing before moving applications to a new server. In such cases one option can be to use a secondary domain or

Slow bootup in MacBook Air, Windows & Bootcamp

After installing Windows 7/Bootcamp on my MacBook Air, it started taking a lot of time to boot up. After power up it would show the gray/white screen for about 45 seconds and then it would start the Windows load process. Other users have also faced

Scripting form post in C# & .net

Earlier I blogged about scripting web browsing in .NET and C#. While automating fetching of simple webpages using GET method is pretty simple, form posting and retrieving response can be even more challenging. I had a tough time getting form posting to work. But once

My experience running PHP on IIS 7.5

For a client I needed to set up OpenX on Windows/IIS platform. OpenX is written in PHP/MySql and hence I needed to make PHP work on IIS. After searching on the net, I found this article. After following the instructions given I was able to

Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air

Earlier I blogged about my new MacBook Air. I am not a Mac fan and my sole reason for buying MacBook was to get a light weight laptop with decent performance. MacBook Air fit that perfectly and from what I read I had the option

Ultimate zip utility

I have used many utilities for archiving/compressing files during my career. I started off with pkzip during MS-DOS days and later moved to winzip on Windows. Windows starting providing a shortcut for creating zip files starting from Windows XP. Although it works for most use

Script to check available diskspace in C#/.net

Here is a script to check free diskspace in C#/.net. It uses WMI logicaldisk object to retrieve information on the system drives. .NET provides ManagementObject class to encapsulate the Windows WMI interface. Here is the sample code: ManagementObject Disk = new ManagementObject(“win32_logicaldisk.deviceid=”c:””); Disk.Get(); if (double.Parse(Disk[“FreeSpace”].ToString())