Ultimate zip utility

I have used many utilities for archiving/compressing files during my career. I started off with pkzip during MS-DOS days and later moved to winzip on Windows. Windows starting providing a shortcut for creating zip files starting from Windows XP. Although it works for most use

Script to check available diskspace in C#/.net

Here is a script to check free diskspace in C#/.net. It uses WMI logicaldisk object to retrieve information on the system drives. .NET provides ManagementObject class to encapsulate the Windows WMI interface. Here is the sample code: ManagementObject Disk = new ManagementObject(“win32_logicaldisk.deviceid=”c:””); Disk.Get(); if (double.Parse(Disk[“FreeSpace”].ToString())

Fast file copy in Windows – Robocopy

File copy in windows GUI is pretty slow. Under Windows XP it was almost unusable for large folders. Microsoft improved it with Windows XP SP 2 and then later with Windows Vista & 7. It is definitely better now in Windows 7 but I still

Getting your dynamic public IP in C# & .net

For one of my projects I required the dynamic public of my ISP connection. I blogged earlier about getting this through www.network-tools.com but in this case I needed it in my script. I wrote a quick script to scrape it of the same site. This

Dynamic DNS update from .C# and .net

I was setting up a local server at home and wanted it to be publicly accessible from a domain name. Unfortunately my ISP refuses to give a static IP and my only option was to use a dynamic DNS server. After checking some out I

Who is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a networking protocol that allows you to discover information about a domain. Following information can be obtained from a WHOIS server. 1) Owner information 2) Technical Contact 3) Administrator Contact 4) Registration date, expiry date, last renewal date 5) Registrar of domain WHOIS

Speed testing a website

While developing websites I come across the problem of testing page load times. With Google now bent on giving high priority to websites that are fast it has become even more important to test, debug and improve web page load times. There are two tools

Whats my IP?

Have you ever wondered what your public IP is? Wait, what is a public IP? An IP address is a number sequence of the form Each 3 digit number sequence can be from 0 to 255. Valid examples are,, etc Every device