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How To Delete Files & Folders Using The Windows Command Line (CMD)

Cmd.exe is the command-line interpreter for Windows operating system. By using the command prompt, one can navigate to any file located on the computer. As per the default Windows 7/8/10 installation, the command line will open the user’s home directory. This directory is usually “C:\Users\<username>”

How to Factory Reset a Toshiba Laptop Yourself

Introduction Toshiba laptops are among the most well-known laptop brands in the market. They come in a number of different specs and prices from low end to high-end laptops. However, like all computer devices, even Toshiba laptops tend to crash or become sluggish over time.

Service Host SysMain causing high disk or high CPU usage?

This article provides an instant fix for service host SysMain high disk usage and high CPU usage. Windows 10 generally runs quite fast on a brand new system. Over time it tends to slow down due to various software installs and general maintenance issues. In