Mixing Assembly language with Visual Basic

This tutorial will help explain the basics & also the details needed if you want to mix assembly code with Visual Basic. This tutorial will not explain how to use assembly language. If you need to learn that, then you can find many tutorials and

Introduction to OpenCV

The easiest way to learn OpenCV is to buy & read the book “Learning OpenCV” from O’Reilly. Otherwise you can follow these instructions depending on your C/C++ compiler. This webpage explains how to setup OpenCV v2.1.0. There is a newer version of OpenCV available (v2.2.0), but it

Tbot: The Self-Balancing Transformer Robot

The Tbot project at IHMC was funded by the US Military (DARPA) to test different types of robot soldiers that could replace human US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, where large tanks are too bulky to fight in the inner city buildings. So the heads of DARPA

Controlling Dynamixel Motors through USB

This page contains info and tools for controlling the Robotis Dynamixel digital servo motors (RX-28, RX-64, etc) or Bioloid robots (AX-12 and AX-12+ motors) through a USB2Dynamixel adapter (or any RS485 interface). As you will see, Dynamixel motors provide a lot of power for their

ARM’s 64-bit mode (AArch64) ARMv8)

Good web presentation about AArch64: http://people.linaro.org/~rikuvoipio/aarch64-talk/#/ All AArch64 instructions are 32-bits long (instead of some 16-bit and some 32-bit). ARMv8 64-bit mode has doubled the register widths (64-bit instead of 32-bit) but also doubled the number of general CPU registers (32 instead of 16). When only

Do all versions of OpenCV run at the same speed?

OpenCV was originally created by Intel to demonstrate how fast Intel CPUs can perform, and therefore the speed performance of OpenCV was of crucial importance. However, OpenCV has recently changed from a low-level image processing C library built for maximum speed, to a higher-level computer

Draw graphs using OpenCV

Here is a basic graphing library to allow plotting graphs on the screen or into an image using OpenCV. This can be very useful to view the contents of a numerical array, such as during testing of an algorithm. This “library” is just a collection